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Protective Services

GSI International provides a comprehensive Protective Services Program to provide reliable Protection for CEO’s, Board of Directors, other Corporate Leaders and High-Worth Individuals and their Families.

We believe that with proper planning and preparations, risk analysis, close liaisons with local authorities and the fact we only use highly trained Protective Services Professionals we can manage and reduce your risks. Our operators are all formally trained and licensed in accordance with the Dutch Ministry of Justice requirements or in accordance with equivalent local criteria for overseas operators. The background of the operators is typically within the military and/or law enforcements and they have extensive experience in providing an efficient Protective Service in accordance to the circumstance and risk level.

The GSI International Protective Services Program includes:

  • Security Advice and Coordination
  • Venue, Site or Residential Surveys
  • Risk and Threat Assessments
  • Advance Team Deployment
  • Physical Protection of an Individual, Group of Individuals or Families
  • Technical Security Equipment deployment
  • Education & Awareness

For more information on our Protective Services Program and how we can assist you, your organization and/or your family, please contact us.

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